Wooden Christmas Ball Red with white folk pattern✅

Wooden Christmas Ball Red with white folk pattern✅

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Imagine the beauty of your Christmas tree decorated with this hand-carved painted wooden Gold ball ornament on your Christmas tree.

All Our Christmas Decoration is made of fine Albesia Wood. Carefully carved and hand-painted by our local artisans, every piece is unique and one of a kind. All Sides Of Ornaments are beautifully finished and every piece is an original work of art and as such sure to be cherished by you or by anyone you plan to give it to.


Material: Albesia Wood


S 5cm x 5cm 


S 30 g

Care Instructions

Keep it natural with mild dish soap, vinegar, or another non-toxic multi purpose cleaner, diluted with water. Never soak or immerse wooden items in water – just spray, wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry.